Our waves


Where are we?


Carrer Josep Torres 6. Baixos 2. Barri de Gracia 08012. Barcelona. Tlf: +34 649 626 457


Durango 342, Col Roma Norte, Ciudad de México. Tlf: +52 55 6809 4361


Calle 93 #19-55. 110221 Bogotá DC. Tlf: +57 300 738 0567

Miami, EEUU

1661 West Ave. PO 8454. 33139 Miami Beach, FL. Tlf: +1 305 923 2896


Gorriti 6046 Oficina 206. Palermo, Buenos Aires. Tlf: +54 9 11 5490 4112

No coasting on this wave.

That’s why we placed them all over the world– with or without beaches–from the offices of Buenos Aires, Bogotá, Mexico City to Miami and Barcelona.

We don’t believe in limits and thanks to this, our connection comes first. We celebrate the greatness of multicultural and technological fluency united in one philosophy: one that believes in the power of the Transformational.


Just as no two waves are the same, there are no two members of our team with the same capabilities and, in reality, this makes our group an inspirational and agile space. A team of people from different cultures like USA, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Spain. With professional successes in both local and global brands. In this journey as a group, there’s a positive collision of experiences from the most diverse markets of America, Asia and Europe, and we also share the satisfaction of having been recognized with international awards that, before any other conclusion, are palpable proof of the vocation we feel for what we do.


We are a team of human workers that, through a most diverse experience, concentrates its focus on the ability, talent and determination to turn each work area into a unique value chain. Wave creators who are part of the same project. Different points of view for the same objective; to lead each brand to a transformation. For that reason, our team has been honored to be part of juries in different international festivals.


International Awards


Times as International Juries


Bottles of Champagne


We believe in the renewing power of stories in this atomized world.
We believe in culture, in people, in their folklore.
But we also believe in the transforming power of the Trending Topic and the yearly awarded at SXSW, the best Digital and Advertising Awards in the World.
Of course, we also believe in conference rooms on the beach.
We believe in disconnecting to connect, but with at least a couple of power outlets, even at an eco lodge.
We believe in communication, which, like the sea, is in constant motion.
We believe in finding insights that are out there as we are attentive to them.
We believe that we are all different; we come from the most diverse backgrounds and cultures.
But we do not believe, instead, we already know, perfectly, that a smartphone is what unites us.