We don’t just ride

the waves, we create them.

We believe in the transforming power of stories.

About Old Surfer

We are a full-service agency with digital DNA

But above all, we create stories that transform. Human stories that connect people, that help brands inspire and sell an idea through digital experiences.


At Old Surfer we believe brands need to create a narrative, create stories that spark a unique emotional connection with people, and that’s why we believe so strongly in the power of a story to transform.

After living in a time when storytelling was the prevailing tendency for brands, the moment to take the next step has come; it’s time for those stories to help grow brands.

Time to drive changes from the core of the consumer, to revolutionize the categories and create new habits.


What are transformational stories?

They’re meaningful stories, relevant in the day-to-day lives of people; stories that resolve a tension and generate enjoyment from a logical and emotional sense.

They offer clarity in communication and inspire a sense of belonging in the consumer from a human point of view. Because we believe it isn’t enough to simply attract consumers; the challenge is to connect with them from the inside and from their smartphones.

In this dynamic world, where we never had to compete this much for our consumers’ attention, we want to bring a new thought, a new way to create relationships, transforming businesses and products.

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We transformed the digital presence of the best-selling Whiskey brand in LATAM


of positive sentiment in our campaigns


of coverage and experience in the Americas


years of experience with large clients in continental America and Europe.
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